What We Do

Our work


Jeevan Aadhar provides housing, education, therapy and community to survivors bringing them to a place of wholeness while preparing them for reintegration to everyday life. We do this by having group homes where these young women live in a loving family style environment. Through this process we are able to guide each survivor through the process of building self-worth and self-respect. This environment also allows for these young women to learn skills necessary for independent living.

Among the services we offer are therapy and medical care to ensure the mental, emotional, and physical healing of survivors. Trauma affects a person emotionally, physically and psychologically. Jeevan Aadhar invests in mental health professionals that can provide counseling and support on this journey to healing. We believe that recreational activities are critical to building confidence and trust.  Our girls are challenged to follow their dreams which is made possible through various educational opportunities and community support.


Community Partnerships

Economic and social empowerment is vital to reintegration and being able to successfully transition to a sustainable independent life. Leveraging the relationships that we have made with key business and community leaders supports economic empowerment for the young women in our homes. We connect the young women with employment opportunities that match their individual interests, skills, and passion.




Our Impact

Our model is working. We are seeing transformation happen, and the young women are going beyond surviving and moving to a place of thriving. They are envisioning, pursuing, and achieving a life they never thought possible for them. With care, time, and support, they are experiencing sustainable reintegration as dignified contributors to their community.

Read what some of our beneficiaries have shared about their experience with Jeevan Aadhar. All of these young women have suffered the horrors of sexual oppression.

Before I came to Jeevan Aadhar, I felt like I had nothing in my hand.   Now after being at Jeevan Aadhar, I can go before my abusers with confidence because I now have education, skills, and training. I know I am prepared to move forward with my life.
Lina* 20 years old
I was lucky to find Jeevan Aadhar in 2012, and since then I feel hope. I’m finally happy. The staff at Jeevan Aadhar are helping me be independent and prepare me for my future. I want to become a social worker and help others the way I’ve been helped.   Jeevan Aadhar has helped me rediscover what it is to be happy, to feel hope and feel loved.
Eliza* 20 years old
I am scared to visit my real family, but I trust the people at Jeevan Aadhar. They are good people who look after us and take care of us. They think about our futures and help us work towards them. My dream is to complete my education, study optometry and get married. I wanted to do something good for myself!
Kajil* 20 years old
Since coming to Jeevan Aadhar, I have changed as a person. My way of thinking and behavior has significantly improved. I’m more focused on my future, studying, and looking after my brothers. I feel great responsibility to take care of my family. Jeevan Aadhar is hope. I plan on completing a beautician course, getting a job, and then getting married someday.
Swetha* 20 years old
At Jeevan Aadhar, I really enjoy working on the computers, learning how to make jewelry, and drawing. The staff and housemother here are very good. They teach me many things and look after me. Since coming to Jeevan Aadhar, I now reflect on my choices and think about my future. I can’t even imagine my life without Jeevan Aadhar; it would have been very difficult. I am working hard so I can help my parents someday.
Manali*21 years old
Growing up my home environment was sad, and there were conflicts between my parents. Jeevan Aadhar has given me freedom – the ability to study and take vocational training at the same time. It is enriching here. Now I feel there is a purpose to my life; I can think about my future. My dream is to graduate from college and get a job. My best advice to other girls who have been through difficult situations is to not think about your past and to not be afraid of counseling – these are the things that I am doing.
Simi* 21 years old
Ever since I joined Jeevan Aadhar, I feel like I belong. I’m excited to be that much closer to my dreams of working for a sports team. I am thankful and happy to have the opportunity to study and earn. I find the housemothers to be warm and caring. I love the feeling of freedom and caring I feel at Jeevan Aadhar!
Sara* 21 years old

*Names have been changed to protect identity.